I want to leave my wicked woman

November 23, 2022

Dear Pastor,

This is the first time I am writing to you but I always read your column in THE STAR. The time has come for me to ask you for help. I am a security officer and I am involved with a woman who is also an officer.

We work for the same company. My partner is much older than I am. She is 40 years old and I am 30. This woman does not trust me. She does not like to see me talking to the other female officers. If I have a conversation with one of them, she wants me to tell her everything that we were talking about. I have asked to be removed from the post to which I am assigned but I was told that it cannot be done.

I am living at my partner's house because when I moved to Kingston and I met her, she took me in. It was with her help that I became a security officer. I have never given this woman bun, but she is always saying that she does not trust men. She has accused other female officers of having affairs with me, including one married officer who has promised that if she does not stop defaming her, she is going to give her a thrashing.

I am not a Christian, but I am trying to live a decent life. I can't even save any money. When I get paid, my partner wants all of it. I do make my contribution towards everything in the house. I am planning to leave this woman because I can't see my way. She has three children, all of whom are working, but they are not contributing anything to the running of the house.

I don't want to tell her that I am leaving because she is a wicked person and I am afraid that she might tell my supervisors lies and cause me to lose my job.


Dear T.,

You should try and get yourself another job. This woman is pushing you around as a boy. She is controlling you. She doesn't trust you. If you cannot talk to the females who work with the same company and not be accused of being intimate with them, you are in serious trouble. You need to get out of that company and find employment elsewhere.

You should not allow this woman to control you in every way and to spend your money whichever way she feels.

The women in the company are not going to like her either. They would see her as a fool. Find a place to live on your own and resign from the company. Those who are in charge will understand. Some couples can work together, but some cannot. Surely, you cannot work with this woman so get out as soon as you can.


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