I have the husband from hell

December 02, 2021

Dear Pastor,

Greetings. I hope you are doing well. I am so stressed out, but I am still holding on to God Almighty; he is helping me. My wicked husband, who I call Lucifer, is doing a lot of evil things and provoking my life.

He sent a man with a bogus policeman last September to chop down all my trees that are bearing fruits. My bird pepper trees were so helpful to me. A lot of things are hurting my heart. The police in my community are of no help to me. They are corrupt. Not all of them, though. Some are male and some are female. Wickedness will never stop. Corruption will never end. Money will do anything, apart from bringing back life.

This is now 2021 and a new man from a wicked law firm is on my case now. I am so tired of them all. I am fed up, although I am not giving up my rights to the house that Lucifer and I bought. I am entitled to it. The man that came and cut out the tree claims that the house belongs to him and he's going to get some men to take me out. They are trying all sorts of illegal dealings. All sorts of people are involved in my matrimonial case. They are spending much money to put me out of the four-bedroom house.

In America, he sold the house we both lived in. I got nothing, because he told the lawyer he was not married. Now, in Jamaica, he sold this house with me in it and also told the lawyer that he is not married. Thank God I got a lawyer to put a caveat on it and when he found out, he was mad. He sold the house for $9 million. The lawyer took $1 million and gave him $8 million in a cheque, but he couldn't change it.

Money leads many respectable people astray. I am depending on the Almighty God to keep me strong and help me to fight this battle. Some lawyers are no good; they are evil. COVID-19 virus is going to root up and expose a lot of these evil people in Jamaica. God is real. God bless you and pray for me.

Bad people will always be around to do bad things. I will write again, but bye for now. I have no one but myself and God Almighty. I hope my tears won't be wasted. I have been suffering for too long on this issue. This Lucifer man doesn't respect the law of Jamaica. He broke my ribs and got away easily. The police are on his side all the time. It is only God I have.

Stressful Lady

Dear Stressful Lady,

I regret hearing that you are a woman who has gone through some trying times with your husband. You have alleged that the police have not been helpful to you at all. So, what are you really accusing them of not doing? Am I to understand that you expected them to arrest your husband when you complained to them about him? It doesn't happen that way. You are not only accusing the police of being corrupt, you are also accusing lawyers of corruption. You have lawyers representing you. They should see to it that you receive justice. You should always remember that sometimes the wheels of justice are slow. But you will get the victory if you are not guilty of committing a crime. You have made serious allegations concerning your husband. Work with your lawyer and hope for the very best. God's not dead. Justice will prevail.


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