Mom yet to get back stolen baby

January 27, 2023

The St Catherine mother whose baby was stolen from her home earlier this month and later found in St James said she is now having problems in getting her child back from the home where the infant is being kept.

Kenisha Hamilton said that despite getting a letter from the St Catherine Children's Court on Wednesday, she was denied the chance to take her son home.

"I went to court and a DNA result proved that it's my baby and I was given a letter to get back my child," Hamilton said. "I took the letter to the home in St James where my child is, but I was told that I cannot get the child." The 18-year-old said that she was told that the baby will have to stay until February 8 for a court hearing in St James.

The case of baby Roshane Hall captured the public's attention barely two weeks into the new year. Reports are that about 5 p.m. on January 10, a 15-year-old snatched the baby boy from his home in Horizon Park, Spanish Town, St Catherine, and drove away with him in a waiting motor car. The matter was reported to the Spanish Town police and an investigation launched. News of the stolen baby spread like wildfire, and photos of the toddler started to circulate on social media. A missing person's report was also sent out by the police. The investigation was expanded to Cambridge district in St James where the three-month-old was found in the company of the teenager.

THE STAR learnt that shortly after 11:30 a.m. on January 11, a father and son of Copperwood in St James saw the photo of the missing baby on social media and immediately related that they had seen the teenage girl with a child fitting his description. They conducted their own investigation and discovered that the child was Roshane. They reportedly brought the teen and the baby to the Cambridge Police Station where they made a report.

Investigators arrested and charged the teen with child stealing. She has made two court appearances and has been remanded to a place of safety. When the news broke that Roshane had been found, his grandfather was overjoyed.

"Me must feel better. All eat me start ya now because from [the day of the abduction], mi nuh eat nuh food or nothing. Mi feel much better ya now. Just we fi get the call from the police when the baby a come up (to St Catherine)," Hamilton told reporters on January 11.

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